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Scientific Research Topics

The general orientation of our Chair is centered upon the psychopathological effects of psychic stress and psychotraumas, the psychological aspects related to doctor-patient relationship, the personality of patients having various psychosomatic diseases and disorders, and their quality of life.

Current Research Topics

  1. Applied psychosomatics in allergology, cardiology, pneumology and gerontology English version;

  2. Psychoneuroallergology English version versiune in lb romana

  3. Psychological aspects of music audition English versionWord document;

  4. Psychological factors influencing therapeutical adherence in various somatic diseases Romanian versionWord document;

  5. The psychosomatic approach of the surgical act Romanian versionWord document;

  6. Psychotherapy techniques, applied in various somatic diseases Romanian versionWord document;

  7. Psychoneuroimmunology English version.

Recent articles
  1. The preoccupation field of Medical Psychology, from the pragmatic perspective of optimizing the medical act Romanian versionWord document
    The authors try to define the medical psychology's interest field, linked with older definitions of this term, and integrating this effort - to the biopsychosocial model of the disease. The difficulties of this approach, especially in what concerns the relation between medical psychology and psychosomatics, are emphasized.The new, biopsychosocial model of the disease - offers an optimal frame for the study objectives of the medical psychology, namely the physiopathological and clinical troubles with psychic ethiology, the experience of the disease, the influences on patient's social participation behavior. Since a series of basic problems of medical psychology have been assumed by a new related discipline, the psychosocial medicine, and the problem of harmful behavior (including pathogenic mechanisms) became health psychology's study object, it is suggested that the medical psychology be considered as a notion covering a large area, including psychosomatics, psychosocial medicine and health psychology.

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